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Google Analytics is a super powerful tool for tracking the success of a local business. It helps you to track your sales and customer activity online or offline.

Set up a Google Analytics account for your business and monitor the business’ key metrics through Google Analytics Dashboard. It measures website performance in real-time. it will show the exact metrics for individual visitors and also the overall performance of your website, which is an invaluable resource for business owners.

It is very important to analyze the data collected by Google Analytics to decide to improve your website.

Google Analytics can generate a piece of important information that can help to make valuable business decisions in online marketing or SEO efforts.

Important information includes your website, your visitors, what pages are performing well, perhaps even what search queries we’re coming from, especially when it’s connected with Google Search Console.

This lot of information can help us to make valuable business decisions for our online marketing or SEO efforts. The important one is Knowing what your customers are looking for is a great start to offer exactly what they need and this gives your business the right insights to grow stronger relationships.

Google Analytics can pinpoint exactly what’s working for you, and double down on that segment. The full potential of Google Analytics can make the right tweaks on your site to increase conversions. While tracking everything properly, keep in mind that success follows investment.

When you invest your time and resources into SEO, PPC, Email marketing, social media, and any other form of digital marketing, you firstly need to measure what matters, and then you’ll know what is the most effective digital marketing channels are for your business.

Sharing some key metrics for your business that should track to help you better understand your customers and uncover opportunities to boost the conversion rate on your site. The five steps that local businesses can take to configure Google Analytics

Exclude bots and spiders

The important one is to exclude bots and spiders. This is Most important because some of the studies have found that upwards of 25% of all traffic is bot traffic.

If any of us have gotten super granular into our Google Analytics account, I’m sure we’ve seen some of those examples of very obvious bot traffic. Google makes a nice little tool within Google Analytics.

Personal traffic and Filter spam

The next important step is to filter spam traffic and personal traffic. Make accurate business decisions regarding our SEO efforts or our online marketing, If we don’t have accurate information, we’re going to struggle. it’s super important that we get as accurate information as we can.

Set up goals

Setting up Goals is super important because it helps us to track our success. Goals help to track your business and measure the performance of your website, as well as the actions of users.

Whether you’re an e-commerce store looking to earn more online sales business trying to increase online leads, you should create goals in Google Analytics. In Google Analytics, choose the four-goal types and create up to 20 goals per view.

Goal verification helps you see how many conversions a goal would have and it is generated based on the past seven days of data. This feature can also double-check your work, like your goal type and triggers, and ensure you’re tracking the right data and actions.

Goals feature is a key to setting up your marketing KPIs and measuring your business success. Setting and tracking goals also have specialized features for e-commerce businesses and online marketing funnels.

Destination based goals

Destination Goals are met when a specific page of your website is viewed and track the visit on specific URLs. Visit for specific URLs would trigger the goal and be marked as a conversion.

These goals are perfect for purchase confirmation pages, thank you pages that are at the end of the funnel created.

Duration Goals

Duration goals are used to track how many users stay on the site for a certain time. While tracking the opposite will show the least performing pages quickly, which is helpful when optimizing your website for the better.

The data that is Tracked could potentially show the performance of individual pages and thus you can start optimizing your pages for that goal.

Event Goals

Event goals offer more customization and more specific trackable goals and allow you to track everything on your website after the necessary events are created.

Connect GA to GSC

Connect Google Analytics to Google Search Console and can have the two powerful resources of reporting and information. We want to make sure they can talk to each other efficiently.

Google Search Console has a lot of valuable data regarding our organic search, specific search queries, specific pages, how they’re performing, the average position, lots of information like this.

Use UTM tracking codes

UTM tracking codes are a powerful way to track the effectiveness of specific campaigns. The local business has a limited amount of time or budgets for whoever might be working on this, maybe it’s better to focus on some of larger campaigns, anything that’s a little bit more permanent or specific large campaign.

Google Analytics helps you to track the performance of your website along with all your digital marketing campaigns. A single dashboard can manage all your social media profiles and measure success.

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