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We are a search engine optimization agency that is committed to growing your business with real organic results. We’ve helped many companies in the past increase their revenue and improve their conversion rates, all through effective search engine optimization strategies. We have the experience and expertise to help you with all your SEO needs.

We use a wide range of strategies, both on-site and off-site, which means we can tackle any challenge that comes our way. We believe in creating beautiful content as well as optimizing it for search engines so you get more visibility online.

We’ve been in the search engine optimization business for many years now. We know how to get you results and we won’t quit until you’re ranked at number one on Google! Fill out our contact form or call us today


We believe the key to growth is through a relentless focus on analytics and SEO best practice.

Technical SEO

Search engine optimization is not just about what your website looks like; it’s also about how search engines see and index the content on your site. Search engines are in a constant battle with websites trying to game their algorithms, so they use very sophisticated methods to rank sites by relevance. Technical SEO is an often overlooked aspect of optimizing your website for search engines, but one that can have a huge impact on its ranking. The technical aspect of SEO consists of many factors like site speed, mobile optimization, and site structure etc.

If you want your website to rank higher in search engine results, it’s important that it be technically sound. We can help you to optimize your technical SEO and increase your search engine ranking.

On Page SEO

On-Page SEO is a strategy that has been around for many years. On-Page SEO is all about providing the search engine crawler with relevant information about your website so they can rank you on page one of Google. On-page optimization involves making sure that there are no mistakes in the HTML code, and includes strategies such as keyword density, meta tags, title tag and header tags. On-page optimization also includes adding content, which is especially important if you have a blog. On-Page SEO should be the first step in any search engine marketing strategy because it’s free and can help increase your site traffic by filling up keywords that are relevant to what people use on Google when they want information about something specific

Off Page SEO

What is off-page SEO? Off-page SEO is the process of developing relationships with other websites in order to promote your website. It is about earning links and mentions from other sites that are relevant, popular, and authoritative. It is a way for your site to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Off-page SEO can include creating and distributing content on other websites, including guest blogging, link building and social media marketing.

Off-page SEO is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization. The more quality backlinks you have from sites relevant to yours, the better off your site will be in Google’s eyes.

Looking For Pricing Plans?


Seo services can give you a leg up against your competition, and they’re money well spent. Apart from getting you higher rankings on search engines, seo also has the added benefit of upping your website’s presence in search results, and increasing the traffic to your site. It all boils down to this – increased visibility means more customers will find their way back to you when they want someone like you.

SEO fees can vary based on a range of factors, including the keyword(s) you’re targeting and how competitive your region is. The average cost of an SEO campaign ranges from 10K INR to 25,000 INR per month and the minimum retainer for SEO work is usually one month’s fee. The most expensive keywords are those with high commercial intent or dire competition but it’s not always necessary in order to rank higher. Quality content will also help you rank better, which saves money in the long-run.

SEO does work. SEO is alive and well! The algorithms change, but the need for good quality information and a business who knows how to use it to generate leads does not.

Throughout history, we’ve seen various incarnations of SEO as it evolves in response to the continual updates made to Google’s SERPS (Search Engine Results Page) algorithm. From keyword stuffing, to link building schemes, spamdexing and cloaking – there have been many sites with advanced skill sets capable of aggressively dominating search engine rankings for their industries during times like these only for them slip back quickly when Google releases heavier sanctions against those shady techniques. As more websites adapt their content marketing strategies towards a genuine approach which focuses on sustainable growth through

We work with clients in a range of industries, from retail to SEO service providers.

Yes. Once you find an SEO company, make sure they’re not using unethical practices to spam any of the search engine results pages (SERPs). Also make sure that they aren’t practicing any black-hat SEO.

Our SEO specialists are best at providing organic ranking for high-value terms that convert well. We write good copy that Google likes to index and rank high on SERPs so more people will find your business when they use the words you care about most. It’s not easy to get a quick win in this space, but if you’re committed and patient then this what we focus on for our clients!

Our Link building services cover everything from content writing to reputation management & disavowments; all aimed at getting as many links back to your site as possible – fast. Strong content alone doesn’t always do enough – especially in competitive niches.

It boils down to cost. You can save money by hiring an in-house team and, as long as they are properly incentivized, they will be equally motivated to see the job through to its completion. However, sometimes you need specialized expertise that only a professional SEO agency possesses; for these situations it is best to go with an outsourced service provider because of their expertise. They will usually have more work experience and financial resources than your in-house staff can ever hope for, which is why it’s important to find the right level of services on offer when negotiating prices or time frames.

The best way is to use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques which allow you to tweak your website in order to improve its rank on the SERPs..We can help your website get indexed and recognized by Search Engines faster.

We charge INR 10000 to 25000 per month for all-inclusive SEO.if you have a specific question or requirement please contact us at info@maxlead.in


Our Professional SEO Service Includes


The SEO industry has seen an incredible evolution during the last few years. It is a well-known fact that almost every business owner wants to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPS) and get more organic traffic, but only a fraction of them actually succeed in achieving their goals. In order for website owners to better understand what they’re doing wrong, we need to do some analysis work first.

At Maxlead technologies we conduct detailed SEO analysis, which can help your site improve its performance over time by revealing important insights about any given strategy or tactic. So if you are looking for insightful information about SEO optimization efforts every month, you’ve come to the right place.

Thorough out the project we’ll be highlighting some of our favorite SEO analysis techniques that have been proven to work time after time. We will also look at how effective they are and what types of businesses can use them effectively in order to improve their rankings on SERPS.


Maxlead team conducts keyword research to find the best keywords that will work for your business. We use latest keyword research software to find the best keywords, which is much more accurate than manual keyword research. Keyword research is a critical part of any SEO campaign. Our team conducts detailed keyword analysis and finds out all related search volume for different words that includes broad match modifier (BM), phrase match modifier (PMM) and exact-match with quotes modifiers (EMQ). We also look at your competitor’s rankings against these terms in Google Search Results pages using free online tools like MozBar or our own proprietary ranking tracker tool called Maxlead Rank Tracker. Using this information we are able to provide you rank tracking services along with on page optimization recommendations so that you can start seeing improvement


The best way to maximize your company’s exposure is by using on page seo techniques such as meta tags and keyword optimization; this will help you rank higher in google search results for the relevant searches that your site targets. Optimizing the right seo on page elements play a crucial role in improving your site’s rank and visibility. We carefully analyze and optimize all On page factors such as meta tags, images, text, headings, paragraphs, links and site navigation.

Our experts will regularly monitor these on page factors to ensure your website is always optimized for the changes that come with Google’s algorithm updates.


Link building is the process of acquiring links to a website from other websites. The goal behind link building is to create high-quality backlinks that will help your site rank better in search engines like Google and Yahoo! the right way.

The first step would be to identify what kind of content you want visitors on other sites linking to yours. For example, if you sell products online, then it might make sense for an article about how buying shoes can save money over time or why people should buy clothes at secondhand stores could bring web traffic to your site by being cited as a source with some references. Our backlink experts will help create high quality backlinks.

For every link we create, it carries a keyword-rich anchor text that is relevant to you and links back to your site. This way you can achieve higher rankings in Google.


At maxlead, we are specialized in content marketing. The team is well versed with the latest developments in SEO and knows how to create compelling copywriting that will increase your ranking on search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing etc.

We have a group of experienced writers who specializes in writing long form articles for websites which can help you to achieve high organic visibility. All our contents are checked for plagiarism, SEO optimization, and grammar.

As a result, we are confident that you’ll get what you’re looking for from our expert content marketing service.


Local SEO is your business’s most valuable marketing asset. Maxlead helps you improve local seo by giving the businesses a voice in Google Maps. We will create listings for you on all of the major search engines, that can rank higher than other reviews sites. We do this by syndicating your content, building citations and more. We use the NAP strategy to create a natural and authoritative presence.


We provide you with a way to manage your online reputation. There are many things that can happen on the internet which harm your profile and make it difficult for people to find positive articles about you, such as negative reviews or complaints due to bad customer service. Our experts closely monitor these reviews and responding to it on time.

As a result of our careful monitoring, we keep your online reputation positive while also providing competitive rates for the service.


Competitor analysis is a very important aspect of SEO. When you’re building your digital presence, it’s good to know what the competition has going on in terms of content and keywords. Knowing what they are doing will help you create a plan that can counter or even beat them at their game.

We Start with the basics. Who are your competitors? What do they have that you don’t? How does their content differ from yours? When was it last updated and what kind of language is used in it (formal, informal)? and many other factors.


Google analytics is an invaluable tool for improving SEO. Once you have your website up and running, it’s important that you monitor how people are using it, what brings them to the site in the first place, and why they leave before completing their purchase. Google Analytics provides this information through its reports on traffic sources, content performance (pageviews, and bounce rates), demographics, acquisition sources (paid advertising or organic search).

Our team will provide a detailed monthly report by taking the important data from Google Analytics that is easy-to-read and it is easy to review.


Our SEO strategy is primarily focused on generating high quality traffic and leads. We accomplish this by setting up high quality links and content that is relevant to your business. We use proven and safe link building tactics to create natural links from high quality websites that will increase your search engine rankings and thereby drive quality traffic to your website.

Our SEO packages provide you with a comprehensive solution for improving your search engine ranking, driving qualified traffic to your website at a great value. We can also provide you with PPC management and social media marketing services as well as general content writing for our SEO clients..


Social media is a great source of high quality traffic. Social media can work alongside with SEO to achieve the best results, and social media is free which makes it a really good option to build your brand and drive free traffic to your website.

Our Social media optimization packages are created to make your business or brand stand out online. We offer Setup and Create Most Profitable Social Media Pages, Setup Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn with Custom Designs & Branding.


Schema markup is a very important SEO tactic to make sure your site is search engine friendly. Schema is a form of structured data which allows the various SERPs (search engines, such as Google) to display and respond better to content. Metadata can be utilized as an important factor in getting your page ranked higher on Google SERPs/results pages.

Schema allows website owners to display content and information in an organized, easily digestible way that really helps Google understand what your page is all about. This, of course, will ultimately help you get more traffic from the search engines. Schema markup enables visitors to have a better experience when visiting your page; essentially it makes any website visitor’s experience with your website easier.

Our SEO expertise

We have 5 years of experience helping businesses gain exposure online. Our team has a proven track record of success in increasing organic traffic to our clients’ websites and converting visitors into paying customers for small to medium sized companies across India.

Don’t Believe Us?

We take the guess work out of whether outsourcing SEO is a good idea. Outsource SEO is not as simple as handing us your URL and hoping for traffic growth. We are firm believers in finding what works best for each website we manage and implementing those strategies to drive maximum results. With our professional expertise, dedicated team and proven track record, we can deliver results with guaranteed SEO services for your business.

We have helped hundreds of clients across India, UAE & UK, to generate thousands of highly-targeted visitors per day and increase their sales revenue through our reliable SEO solutions. You want to see what we are capable of? Take a look at our client list or contact us today to know more about how we can help you increase your website traffic.


We have more than 4 years of experience in Mobile App SEO. Our team has been involved in Mobile SEO since the very start and have remained on the top positions for various queries across different App Store Optimization (ASO) tools (Google Playlist, Appsfire etc). We are familiar with all major factors that affect your ranking position in mobile search results.

We are transparent about our rankings in order to help companies like yours get better at a specific keyword. We help companies reach higher rankings on Mobile-friendly results in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo for their local listings. We do this by making the mobile experience of your customers just as good as your desktop offerings on Google Maps, Yelp and other rating sites.

Our Mobile SEO strategies helped numerous startups, small and medium businesses get a chance to compete with the big guns in their local market. We improve your app ranking in Playstore/Appstore and also increase organic app traffic that leads to more downloads, a key metric in Playstore/Appstore. In case you have already ranked well for your keywords we will provide an actionable report with specific recommendations on how you can improve your ranking further and what exact steps you need to take.


What sets us apart from our competitors? The answer is in the work we do. Our focus lies with building quality links and that’s it. Maxlead technologies is a 100% link building company committed to providing bookmarked, relevant backlinks to your website. We never resort to any sort of blackhat or grey hat techniques because we believe these are harmful to your website in the long run.

The aim of every link building strategy is to get as much quality traffic from search engines as possible. That is what we deliver, nothing less and nothing more.

You may ask yourself, how can a company like ours exist and stay in business? The answer lies in the type of work we do. PR4+ link building is something many companies claim to be good at but few actually are. We have mastered this domain and are ranked amongst the top companies in India. We have a team of link builders who monitor all that is related to link building on a daily basis like SEO news, latest technologies, case studies of successful websites; we also research on our competition to see what they are up to.


By now, you know that SEO is a process. It’s not something you do and forget about. Instead of viewing it as a one-off implementation project, think of it as a lifestyle change for your website and brand. You should be executing on these tasks every day in order to sustain meaningful growth in traffic and revenue from search:

Creating new contents, targeting keywords and publishing, Ensuring your content is both relevant and accessible to search engines by performing research on the keyword landscape, checking if any of your competitors rank for those terms, and checking how well the top 10 search results are optimized.

Creating quality backlinks by sharing your blog posts on other websites, leveraging social media channels (promoting your content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).

Creating a user experience that encourages users to stay longer, read more articles and hopefully subscribe to your email list. This is where most people lose interest; it’s hard work! They either don’t have the time or they don’t know how to do it properly. Either way, this is where we thrive.

Whats in Your Mind?


SEO is a business growth strategy that can reduce your short-term expenses and increase the long-term success of your company. It’s important to understand that SEO isn’t just about placing high in search engines; it’s always about offering people whatever they are searching for, even if you don’t appear on the first page of results. People using search engines are often in a hurry, looking for only the most relevant information. You must be sure you provide it to them, or they will click away.

Search Engine Optimization helps your business grow because it is an investment in your website and market position that can help increase customer satisfaction and sales. It makes sense, then, that companies that use SEO see their business grow. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, SEO can and should be part of all your online marketing strategies.

Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) presented a study in April 2012 that detailed how investing in SEO can help your business grow. The study showed a correlation between higher rankings for search terms and better customer satisfaction. Customers using SEO-optimized websites are 5 percent more satisfied than those who use non-optimized sites. This is a trend that continues to increase as companies using SEO grow their market share and customer base, while continuing to adjust and improve their web presence.


Search Engine Optimization is the most vital part of a successful internet business. A website that appears at the top results when people search for something will always get more visitors than a site that does not appear there. If you are a new entrepreneur and looking to build your website, then SEO is an essential element which brings in organic traffic from search engines. It is very important for your business’s growth and overall development.

SEO has grown to become one of the most popular and effective strategies available today. By using SEO techniques, businesses can get leads at low costs and increase customer base worldwide. As internet users grow at an unprecedented rate, many new websites emerge in the market that are competing for the top ranking on search engines.

In order to achieve high SEO rankings in a competitive environment, you have to use powerful optimization strategies and work with best website design firms that will make your site visible among all other competitors. The ultimate goal of using SEO techniques is to improve the visibility of your website, drive relevant traffic towards your site and build quality back links. These are the main factors that help in search engine ranking and you cannot achieve them without employing SEO strategies on regular basis.


Maxlead is the premier full-service digital marketing agency. We offer a wide range of services, from web design and development to SEO, PPC, social media, hosting and support. We work with clients of all shapes and sizes, from small local businesses to large international brands. Our success stems from the quality of our staff and desire for customer satisfaction. We’ve been doing this for over ten years now so you know we can deliver results.

Here are a few reason why you should choose Maxlead as your digital marketing agency:

It’s Not Just SEO, We Do Everything.

Marketing isn’t one-dimensional anymore. These days, you need to get online visibility across several channels like organic search, paid advertising and social media marketing to be successful. Our SEO experts work alongside PPC managers to drive more traffic to your business and convert them into leads or sales. We’ll also design a stunning website for you which will help customers find you online.

You’re Protected By Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We take pride in our work and will do everything we can to give you the best results. We are so confident in our abilities that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all of our services. If you’re not completely satisfied with your campaign, then we’ll work to make it right.

Our Clients Are Growing By The Day

We’ve been doing this for over ten years now and we’re still growing. Our clients are all small to medium businesses, not big corporations. We don’t work with anyone who isn’t interested in working with a digital marketing agency. That’s why you’ll be working directly with the same person from start to finish, it will never get lost in translation as it often happens at other agencies when there are multiple people working on one project.


Providing best SEO services in India, if you are looking for top SEO agency in India to perform your online marketing task then you can contact us. Nowadays SEO or Search Engine Optimization is vital factor of success. So we are here to provides all type of SEO services like Organic Search engine optimization, keywords research, Backlink creation etc.

Our SEO experts are experienced team members who are efficient in implementing breakthrough optimization strategies that help companies in attaining high search engine rankings. The expert team is highly qualified and experienced and provides cost effective SEO solutions to the clients. We also offers guaranteed organic search engine optimization services by utilizing white hat SEO techniques. Our professionals work diligently to meet clients’ business objectives by offering effective and timely solutions.

Our SEO services include:- – White Hat SEO – Link Building Services – Local/ City Ranking Service  – Top organic ranking service  – Site Auditing Service – On Page Optimization Consultation & Action Plan: – Website Analysis & Recommendations – We offer a 100% FREE website analysis to each and every client who approaches us.


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