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We’ll help you find your unique voice on social media to engage customers and increase brand awareness

We are one of the best social media marketing agency in India which offers services for social media promotion, social media marketing and social bookmarking. We provide specialized services in social media promotion through network of social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and many other.

The social media landscape is hugely different from what it was a few years ago and every day new services, features and business models are introduced in the market. Our client’s requirements are diverse and we provide customized social media marketing solutions to suit their needs.

We are a team of experienced professionals who stay abreast with the latest trends and bring value, proficiency and perfection in our work. We stand apart in our services because , we have strong word of mouth and refer new clients via existing client relationships which is generated through building long term and fruitful relationships.

Social Media Marketing Made Easy

Discover why Social media marketing is the secret weapon for many businesses including yours.

Facebook marketing

Facebook is the most popular social media network worldwide. It has over 1 billion users in the world, and that number is increasing daily. The marketing benefits of using Facebook cannot be overemphasized because it is a perfect place to market your products or services on a global scale. Facebook helps you target audience in your interested geographical area and help businesses to reach to their audience easily.

Maxlead technologies will help you make best use of the marketing opportunities that Facebook offers. If you require any help in setting up a Facebook page or managing its activities, we are here to do so. We have helped many business owners set up their pages and manage their ads efficiently as well as effectively.

Instagram Marketing

We provide affordable Instagram marketing services which help you promote your business on the social networking platform. Our team of Instagram marketing experts have in-depth knowledge of promoting brands and businesses through various social media networks. We have a great experience in using different tools of Instagram marketing services to benefit our customers; we use highly effective tools for all your Instagram marketing requests.

We create and manage the Instagram account of your business so that it becomes popular among major audiences. Once our experts create an account, socialize with best hashtags relevant to your business and post interesting content to make your Page visible among expected people.

We also monitor and update the account regularly so it becomes more popular among people around the globe. Our Instagram marketing services are highly effective and always result oriented as we have experienced team of experts that you can rely upon for getting desired results.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter marketing can be an effective advertising strategy for promoting a business in this age of digital technology. On Twitter, one can see posts from famous personalities and brands about topics that are relevant to a person. This is because tweets can be viewed by users in the order they were tweeted, even if those tweets were published several years ago.

Given this, it is easy for marketers and advertisers to create successful Twitter marketing campaigns that could help them reach their target audience effectively. However, creating an effective Twitter campaign requires a keen understanding of Twitter marketing strategy and tools as well. Our Marketing Professionals will handle the nitty gritty of twitter marketing so you can focus on the big picture and your business goals.


Looking For Pricing Plans?



The answer is simple, because social media marketing is the buzzword of today’s market. In recent days both small & big companies have shifted their businesses to online platform and most of them are using (or planning to use) social media for promoting their brand or product. If you are brand or business owner and want to expand your product or service then social media is best place for that.

The average Social Media Campaign cost is Rs.15000–800000 per month, depending on the number of pages to be managed, locations and number of posts to be published. We will take care of everything from creation of posts and publication of same on the social media, analytics and engagement of your campaigns. Contact us for a detailed quote based on specific requirements.

Our social media and digital marketing professionals consistently have to keep themselves updated on the latest developments in their markets, as well as their fields of expertise by actively researching and consuming a large number of relevant sources. The primary way we do this is by reading blog articles, as it’s a great way to stay abreast with changes in the industry while also allowing us to share and discuss what we’re reading with our peers.

This is a question I’m going to attempt to answer today, and it’s an important one for you to be asking when benchmarking your own social media efforts as there are many factors that determine how many leads will fall into your lap by utilizing various social networks. The number of leads will greatly depend upon your target audience, marketing budget, and your time spent doing social media.

We use the Hootsuite social media management dashboard for monitoring and posting to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Tumblr. We also use an online scheduling app called Buffer to schedule posts in advance so we don’t have to spend time doing it every day. Apart from this third part tools we are extensively using the Advertising Tools provided by Facebook, Instagram,Twitter and LinkdIn

A good social media agency has experienced professionals who will do the work for you. Listen to your needs, understand them and create a solution that works best for your business. A successful client experience is always our first priority which means we are well aware of what it takes to build long-lasting relationships through social media and working with our clients.

Of course, Please visit our portfolio section to see our social media projects

Our Professional Social Media Service Includes


We are experts on managing and growing your Facebook page, as well as your other social media platforms. We will use our tried and tested strategies so you can enjoy the increase of likes on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram accounts which increases brand recognition and visibility. Our team of Facebook experts will create an engaging, interactive Facebook community for you so that people want to see what you post next. We work with your existing content and use short posts (using hashtags) to encourage participation. Our underlying strategy relies on the power of asking questions which encourages a response.

We will use Facebook Insights to measure and track your progress. This way you can see how we improve results over time, so that any budget is spent wisely. We understand the importance of providing an exceptional service at a competitive price which is why we offer our services for as little as 10K INR per month.


Our Instagram growth services will help your business increase followers and engagement by authentically growing your audience with real people. Based on extensive research, we know the requirements every business needs in order to successfully grow their Instagram account. We will work with you (the business owner or marketing manager) to ensure that your brand is organically growing and not at risk of being shut down by Instagram like other third party services. If you are looking for Instagram growth services that get results (and not expensive, ineffective, or spammy followers) then check out our plans below.

We use a strategic approach to grow your Instagram account. This means we will first build your brand awareness and interest before we begin seeking potential customers and clients. We have found that this approach is more effective and will get you better results in the long run.

Twitter Growth

If you’re looking for an easy way to increase your Twitter followers, then it may be time to consider using a service designed to do exactly that. Our Customized Twitter Growth Service will help you tap into a massive audience of Twitter users to gain awareness, engagement and influence in your market. We make use of failproof strategies to drive high quality twitter followers and engagement to your account. We will carefully analyze and polish your Twitter profile before deploying our targeted strategies designed to get you the cheapest, fastest, yet most effective growth on Twitter.


Our LinkedIn Growth package is designed to help you get on the LinkedIn fast-track and achieve an above average growth rate. Our package will help you build a strong presence, expand your contacts and get in front of potential clients by offering Professional Summary recommendations which may lead to business partnerships and new clientele. We’ll perform a targeted LinkdIn outreach to potential clients and partners by offering recommendations for your professional summary which will help you get exposure to the right people. We’ll also offer profile endorsements for your company page which is another form of personal endorsement (you can endorse other members). Recommendations and endorsements are not features on LinkedIn, they are the only way to greatly increase your chances of getting in front of new clients.


Our Facebook Ads services help your business get relevant, highly targeted Leads from Facebook. Our marketers will help you create the perfect Facebook Ad campaign, targeting the perfect audience for your product or service. We also offer overall management of any ad campaigns that are set up, ensuring they are performing to our high standards at all times.

With the new Facebook Lead Ads, we have even more options for marketing your business on Facebook. With a simple ‘fill in the blanks’ style form and an innovative approach to marketing, these ads are converting well. We can set up Lead Ads within days of launch, and help you start reaping the rewards. Check out our new Facebook Lead Ads info page for more details.


Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks, with 500 million monthly active users (as of September 2017) it has a great potential. If your business depends on Instagram advertising this could be extremely beneficial for you. This service will help you to reach a targeted group of people who are interested in your products and services, whether they like your Instagram profile or not, all you have to do is buy Instagram Ads from us.

We provide advertising solutions for small companies and large corporations that want to increase sales through popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and others. Our team consists of marketing specialists with extensive experience in advertisement campaigns on various social media platforms. We have an excellent knowledge of how social networks function and what kind of methods work the best to attract a potential client.


Twitter ads service is currently the only way to promote tweets. It’s a great marketing tool for all kinds of things, from selling movie tickets to promoting an open source project. With Tailored Audiences you can target specific users or create lookalike audiences based on your current customer base. Promoted Tweets get displayed in various ways:

– As tweets appear in the timeline of users who have opted to follow an account. – In search results along with organic tweets. – Promoted Trends show up at the top of Trending Topics and are labeled as promoted.

Promoted Tweets can be displayed in three different ways: as “In-Stream” ads which Twitterl ites users will see as they scroll through their timeline, “In-Search” ads which will appear in the top results of search queries and finally as “Promoted Trends”.

As seen above advertising on Twitter is pretty cheap compared to traditional ones. We can create awesome marketing campaign that won’t break a bank 🙂


LinkedIn ads service is a simple way for small businesses to precisely target your customers using information they have made public on LinkedIn. Businesses can use it to promote their company page or post jobs, and help you reach the professional in industries that interest you.

With LinkedIn ads service, we can help you:

1. Promote your company page to increase brand awareness and site traffic.

2. Advertise jobs to reach the right audience for your openings.

3. Gain insights about your target audience with webcast replays and custom reports delivered directly in LinkedIn ads service.

Our LinkedIn ads service places your banner ad on the LinkedIn homepage and in relevant industry pages or channels. You’ll pay only when someone clicks on your ad or views your company page, resulting in a targeted lead for you. And if you’re promoting a job opening, our ads service can help recruiters identify strong candidates more efficiently.

Our Social media expertise

We are one of the best social media marketing agency in India. We consistently outperform the competition by maintaining our reputation for exceptional client service and innovative, creative approaches to digital marketing. Our proven social media marketing strategies will help you reach your target audience effectively and increase engagement with your brand.

We handle all types of social media campaigns, from paid promotion to organic growth. We strive to make sure your brand gets the buzz it deserves by engaging with potential and existing customers through popular platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Our experienced team has worked with large brands and SMBs alike on impressive results in increasing engagement, building trust and creating brand affinity. We use both paid and organic social media strategies to boost traffic, increase conversions and monitor results in real time.

Digital Marketing Experience

Our Digital marketing experience has almost been a decade now and we are very well aware of all the risks we take in order to generate leads online. We understand that getting visitors on your site is the first step but converting them into marketing qualified lead is the second step and that’s where we come in place with our Digital marketing services.

We have a team of professionals who are well aware of the digital marketing landscape and know how to generate leads by implementing various strategies like Search engine optimization, Content marketing, Social media marketing, Email Marketing etc.

At present we are offering following Digital marketing services:

1) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

2) Content Marketing

3) Social Media Marketing (SMM)

4) Paid Advertisement on Google, Facebook and LinkedIn etc.

5) Email marketing

And much more…!

If you are interested in any of the services then feel free to ping us or write to us at info@maxlead.in

Top Notch social media tools

We use top notch social media marketing tools to get the most from your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube presence. From social media consulting to content creation and management our team has worked with hundreds of brands across dozens of industries to build their social media presence, develop a targeted strategy and measure the results.

Our social media strategists make use of tools like Buffer, Hootsuite or Sprout Social for scheduling posts and content distribution across multiple channels. We also use tools to research your market, find influencers or monitor social media conversations about your brand.

We will work with you to create a custom social strategy that fits into your overall marketing plan and helps achieve business goals.

guaranteed results

We are committed to delivering guaranteed social media marketing results, unmatched by any other agency. This commitment makes us different to all other social media marketing companies in India, as we guarantee you results for every pound you spend on your campaign with us.

Is that possible? Absolutely! However, there is a small catch – we have to believe it can be done and that’s where our special quality lies – we believe it can be done. We have the experience, expertise and technology to know how your campaign will perform before you spend a penny on it. Our unique secret sauce is based on our predictive analytics engine, which takes into account every single element of your social media presence in its forecasts.

Ultimately, we believe that we can deliver industry leading results across all of your key social media marketing goals.

We are very confident that this is the best offer available for social media marketing in India today and aim to prove it to you over the coming months.

Right from day one, our team will be focused on delivering active engagement with your target market on your behalf, gaining brand exposure through daily interaction with your audience and driving engagement with the target audiences you have selected.

Whats in Your Mind?


Social media is a vital component of today’s business landscape. As much as it can help businesses to promote their products and services, there are also several drawbacks associated with its use that every business owner needs to be mindful of. It is important to note that social media marketing is a tool which should not only be used for business promotion but also for customer service. When businesses effectively integrate social media marketing in their overall business strategy, they find themselves better positioned to achieve success.

Social media helps to improve your site’s search engine rankings simply because of inherent SEO benefits associated with social sharing and link building. Social media also has a positive impact on your site’s user experience. When you post new content on social media, your users get a notification in their feed and this encourages them to visit your site more often. Social media has also shown to increase website traffic by up to 50%. Businesses that use social media marketing are able to provide better customer service than those which don’t because they have the opportunity to interact with the target market.


The use of the internet is increasing globally; as a result, the number of people who have access to social media is also increasing. This growth indicates that from now until 2021 there will be more than two billion users and this promises great possibilities for marketers who want to reach out to their target market. Businesses and marketers can benefit from the use of social media by sharing their message and this is one reason why it is important.

Social media allows advertisers to promote their products or services through paid advertising to targeted audiences leading to high ROI (Return on Investment). The internet and mobile penetration has increased over the years allowing business owners to explore new opportunities that can be very profitable. This means that the future of marketing is influenced by social media. It can be used for branding and also for increasing visibility to a brand or products in the market; this is because social media enhances word of mouth recommendations which benefits brands if it is positive. In addition, social media has the ability to influence customers’ purchase decisions through different platforms like Facebook, Twitter and many others.


Maxlead is a full-service social media marketing agency that offers services for platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. We live in the digital age where being active on multiple social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook is essential to build your online presence and raise awareness about your brand or company. At Maxlead, we understand the importance of using your social media accounts as a way to communicate with customers and share company updates. We also know that it’s important to use your time wisely which is why we offer services for all types of companies.

Since Maxlead’s inception in 2019, we have provided our clients with best-in-class Twitter and Facebook management and Instagram marketing services. We have been able to help many companies grow their presence on social media platforms and gain numerous followers in the process. Whether you are looking to get more likes, enhance your business exposure or increase your following, we can provide services that will help you accomplish all of these goals at an affordable rate.


Maxlead is one of the leading social media marketing agency in India. Our social media marketing services include Facebook marketing ,Twitter marketing, Google plus marketing, LinkedIn marketing, Pinterest Marketing and Youtube Marketing. We are also providing complete web designing as well as development services in India.

At Maxlead, we have a team of social media marketing experts who can create and manage your social accounts. We use various techniques to grow your business on Social Media.All our social media campaigns are designed keeping in mind the requirements and specifications of the clients to make it more effective for their business.Social media help us stay connected with people and provide us much information about the world.Maxlead know how important it is for your business and create custom social media marketing campaigns to make you visible on Social Media.


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