Client: Accoeng


This logo design for ACCOENG, an engineering and construction company, embodies a sleek, modern aesthetic while encapsulating the robust nature of the industry. The typographic approach uses a bold sans-serif font, conveying stability and professionalism. The lettering is arranged to ensure maximum readability and impact, with a particular emphasis on the capital letters which suggest a company that is authoritative and established in its field.

The color scheme is a thoughtful combination of grayscale tones, suggesting metal and concrete, materials commonly associated with engineering and construction. This choice communicates the company’s association with industrial strength and durability. The clever use of negative space within the letter ‘O’ is suggestive of precision and attention to detail, traits that are paramount in the engineering discipline.


Project Deliveries

The overall design is minimalist, avoiding unnecessary embellishments to maintain a focus on functionality and efficiency, which are key values in the engineering and construction sectors. The logo is versatile and scalable, ensuring it will be effective across various applications, from business cards and letterheads to construction site banners and digital platforms. It speaks to a forward-thinking company that values innovation, clarity, and excellence in its engineering and construction projects.

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