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make your brand stand out from the competition by using our pay per click marketing agency services.

We are a digital marketing company specializing in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns. We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes to get them the highest possible return on their PPC investments, by employing passionate PPC experts at our end. We strive to give your brand cutting edge exposure on Google through highly focused and customized PPC campaigns.

You can choose from a range of PPC campaign options that we offer to help you get the most ROI from your investment. We employ ethical and honest means while performing our services, so that there is no room for any kind of unethical practices, which may harm your business in any form. Thus, when you work with us, we will ensure that your brand is not affected due to any unethical means used.


We offer customized and personalized PPC management services to our clients, as per their specific business objectives and needs. Our certified and qualified team of professionals are passionate about what they do, thus working solely for the benefit of your brand.

Google AdWords

Google ads is an online advertising platform used for generating revenue by displaying advertisements. It’s a major platform showing 3.5 billion ads per day ( source ) and is used by 90% of the top 1,000 most visited websites ( source ). The platform is used by Google to generate $79.4 billion in annual revenue ( source ). It is one of the best way to promote your business online by showing your ads to a large number of people.

We at Maxlead technologies specialize in creating targeted Google Ads Campaigns to help our clients make more profit. We use Adwords tool and Google’s extensive data of keywords, geo location targeting etc to show our clients ads.

We have been working on Google Ads since 2017 and have successfully completed over 100+ projects for multiple clients across the globe. We have worked with small business owners, startups, and established companies to promote their brand online.

Bing Ads

Bing ads is a popular advertising system used by many companies, Microsoft itself uses it to promote the products of their Bing search engine. It allows you to create ads that link back to your (custom) landing page, and adds these adverts to the search results of Bing. Not only can you create ads with links, you can also include images (Bing’s own hosted or your company logo), and extend your ad with several meta-data like location. Bing ads are low cost (compared to Adwords), but you can usually expect to get less visitors (how ever, because of Bing’s high market share it can still be worthwhile).

Apple Search Ads

Apple search ads are the best way to get noticed by your target audience when promoting an iOS app. You can target ads based on location (down to zip/postal code level), device type, time of day and network carrier. That way you’ll only pay for qualified traffic that will respond well to your ad. And with flexible daily budgets, you can spend what you want, when you want.

We can help you create exceptional Apple search ads. Our team of experienced professionals knows how to write compelling ad texts, select images and optimize keywords. In short, we know how to make the most out of Apple Search Ads.

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Pay per click marketing is a type of Internet marketing in which an advertiser pays for each click on their advertisement. In pay-per-click, sometimes also called PPC advertising , advertisers typically bid on keyword phrases relevant to their target market. Each time that one of the advertisers’ advertisements is clicked, the internet marketer incurs a charge.

If you are looking for a way to get more exposure to your website than PPC is the ideal choice. Through Google, Yahoo and Bing search engine campaigns set up can be customized to meet your marketing objectives, such as increasing brand awareness, traffic, generating leads or even sales.

PPC Services offer many advantages compared with SEO. Here are some of the advantages:

· The target audience is targeted and determined. You can choose who will see your ads or not, this way you know that only people interested in your product will see it.

· PPC services offer a solution to get traffic immediately. Each time someone clicks on an ad, it costs money which means that the company that manages this service does not run away with your money.

· You can easily measure the results of the campaign, how many users visited your website and which keyword they used to get there. With these data you can make better decisions for any other marketing strategy you might want to try.

This is a question we hear often from clients and prospects alike. With PPC advertising on Google or Bing, ads appear when a search term matches the specific text you have set in your Adwords account. PPC advertising is a great way to drive traffic instantly to your website and to generate leads. PPC would be a great advertising method for your business if you have a product or service that you wish to sell, but don’t have the capacity to sustain a heavy web traffic.

Advertising can be a very expensive business, especially when you have little knowledge of how it works. The world of advertising is one that is very competitive and sometimes you will need to go on a trial and error type journey before you get it right for your business. The Budget is a number that is not really a true reflection of how much you may need to spend on paid per click advertising. It all depends on what your business needs and the effectiveness of your adverts after they have been running for a time.

For those who don’t know the difference between these two most popular digital marketing strategies, here’s a quick fact: SEO and PPC are both methods for driving traffic to your site (website or blog) from search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. The basic idea is that you attract visitors who will then buy stuff on your site, thus making you money.

In SEO, you increase your ‘organic’ rankings so that your site appears high on the list of search results. With PPC, you pay a fee to have your site come up at the very top of those results – which means that people see it before they see organic search results.

Typically, it is advised that you wait at least 30 days. However, for some many campaigns, it can take longer than others. For example, if your ad campaign is targeting a very specific audience with a highly targeted search phrase and has only been running for a short period of time (1-2 weeks), then waiting 60+ days for results may not be an option.

Waiting for 30 days should give you a good indication of whether your campaign is working or not.

Of course. Visit our portfolio section to see our previous PPC projects. 

pay per click ADVERTISING!

Our Professional SEM Service Includes


Google search ads are often overlooked when it comes to driving online sales. If you consider the ROI of paying for clicks to drive eCommerce sales, when compared to other channels like Facebook ads or content marketing, many marketers might argue that search is the best bang for your buck. It’s also a little simpler than those other ad types since it’s just Google and you that are involved. Our expert advertising professionals help you get the most out of your Google paid search campaigns.

Who is this service designed for? This is great if you’re looking to increase conversions, have a low budget, or just don’t have time to manage all the details of an AdWords account yourself.


Google shopping ads generate an average of 30% more revenue than regular text-based ads. At Maxlead technologies, we pride ourselves on our Google shopping campaigns and know that they can generate better returns than other types of ads. However, we also know firsthand that many ecommerce companies don’t fully use all the features of Google shopping ads to their advantage.

Try shopping ads for your business . Contact Google shopping marketing experts at Maxlead technologies.


Banner ads are a great way to create brand awareness. But, there’s a lot of work that goes into them before they even make it to the web. Maxlead technologies are experts in creating stunning ad banners. Advertising is a marketing technique used to reach out to new customers and spread brand awareness. The right banner ad can be your biggest ally in this pursuit as it opens up the potential of reaching millions of people simultaneously, who might otherwise never know about your brand or services.


Video ads are the best way to reach your audience with a message that will stop them in their tracks. They also offer the highest return on investment of any paid marketing channel out there. Online video is an important component of a strong social media strategy, but it’s also very time-consuming to produce. Hiring a videographer can be expensive and the turnaround time for editing tends to be slow. We at Maxlead Technologies have helped many businesses in creating video ads for their products and services to implement it in the digital marketing techniques. Businesses that have benefited from these adverts include medical centers, real estate agents, local service providers such as electricians and plumbers, finance companies etc.


Local search ads are proving very effective at delivering new customers to businesses, especially those new to the online world. Our expert search ads specialists here at Maxlead technologies help you refine your campaigns to ensure that they are reaching customers who are looking for your products or services.

Our local SEO experts are constantly refining our processes in order to help businesses get found online using Google’s systems. We believe that organic search is the key to many company’s success on the internet. Our team of digital marketing professionals are focussed on giving our clients a strong web presence and we’re constantly developing and refining our methods and strategies.


Dynamic ads are a flexible way to generate revenue by allowing advertisers to upload ads that are shown to users based on their demographics, location, and interests. This process of serving dynamic ads requires parsing out parts of each ad (e.g., advertiser name , campaign information , etc.) so that it can be matched with appropriate user information. Parsing allows the system to know what part of the ad is relevant and what should be shown to a specific user.

We are experts in Dynamic Ads and have provided solutions to More than 100 companies. Contact Maxlead today to know more about Dynamic Ads.

Our PPC expertise

We use advanced PPC tactics to create highly converting Pay Per Click campaigns. We accomplish this through the use of our proprietary keyword research tool and by targeting specific keywords which we know will convert to sales on your site. We closely monitor and test your adwords campaign to ensure we get you the most ‘bang for your buck’. We also provide you with detailed monthly analytics and projected ROI.

In addition, we offer a full range of targeted PPC services including:

1. Keyword Research and Discovery: We use our proprietary keyword research tool to compliment your business and define the best possible keywords and ad groups for your ads. Our software provides us with millions of keyword suggestions based on your specific product or service – meaning we can spend time finding the most relevant keywords for your campaign that are also highly relevant to searchers.

2. Ad Copy Creation: AdWords ad copy is an integral part of the success of your campaign. We work with you to create clear, concise ads that convert set on a highly targeted theme for your product or service.

3. Campaign Management: Our PPC management services include daily monitoring and reporting on performance, keyword expansion/replacement where needed, and troubleshooting and resolution of any issues that may arise.


We manage your ad campaigns more efficiently by using real-time data and targeting technology. You will know who your target audience is and how we can help you reach them. We analyze the market and supply landscape in order to implement changes that will drive sales growth, eliminate data problems, expedite campaigns, cut costs and deliver real-time, actionable analytics. We take care of all your online marketing needs while providing additional value in the way of creative insight, real-time data, and customized reports.

Our solutions are designed to integrate with your existing infrastructure while providing advanced reporting that allows you to measure campaign performance in an accurate and timely manner. We work on true pay for performance models which means that our revenue is generated by driving sales or traffic not through click volume.

We provide a complete and flexible online advertising solution and we will help you build and grow your business globally.


Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a key to increase the number of leads and sales. Usually, we measure this using A/B tests and multivariate testing to find out which design or content variation gets us the best result. At Maxlead Technologies, we are always experimenting with different techniques to bring the best results.

Our Clients usually ask for our expert advice regarding what is the best way to increase their conversion rate. They want to know what changes or tweaks they can make in their site or landing page design that will lead them to better results. That is why we are always looking for ideas and recommended changes to make your site better.


Maxlead Technologies is one of the best result focused PPC ads service providers in India. We offer world class results-oriented Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising services that help you to get targeted traffic, high quality leads and high conversions at lowest possible cost.

We are here to provide all kind of superior quality search engine marketing services to our clients so that they can meet their business goals. Our highly professional and result oriented PPC experts use their knowledge and experience to provide you best possible results. With the help of our experience and practical SEO strategies we can achieve your business goals within stipulated time frame. Maxlead Technologies is considered as one of the leading digital marketing agency in India, offering a wide range of online marketing services such as Pay per Click (PPC), Social Media marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content writing etc. Our online marketing experts will help you to drive targeted traffic and leads at lowest possible cost.

Whats in Your Mind?


It’s no secret that Google is one of the most popular search engines around. A new study shows that over half of all searches are performed through Google, which makes it an absolute must for entrepreneurs trying to grow their business. Many people think that the only way they can increase sales is by buying more advertising space on TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. This is not always the case! According to a recent census bureau report, there are over 126 million people who use the internet every day. This number has increased dramatically since 2012 when it totaled only 98 million.

There’s no denying that the internet is a powerful tool when used for marketing purposes. If you’re looking to grow your customer base, you can do it by growing your business’s web presence. One of the best ways to increase website traffic is through Google AdWords.

AdWords Ads are very targeted and don’t cost much money compared to other forms of advertising because they’re based on search words used by people looking for products like yours. When someone types in certain words, an AdWords ad will pop up to give you a well targeted audience at practically no cost. The best part about this is that you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ads. This makes it extremely cost efficient for marketers who are just trying to get their foot in the door and test out the market.


Advertising is an integral part of marketing. Without advertising, there cannot be any successful marketing strategy . Advertising can be done using various methods including newspaper, pamphlets, posters or through Internet ads. Ppc ads are the most economical way to advertise on internet. These are tiny text advertisements which appear in message boards and other websites which allow AdSense ads. These small ads are clicked by people when they are in hurry. There are many reasons for choosing PPC ads over other media of advertisement.

1) People who generally do not go beyond the first page while searching anything online, these type of advertisers are best suited for them. Since you have to bid money for every click on your ads, you will be charged only when a user clicks on your ad. In this way, irrelevant traffic can be reduced to some extent.

2) These ads are good for testing your product or services . You can advertise with several vendors in order to select the best one. It won’t cost you much until you have selected a right vendor.

3) PPC ads are the only way to get a quick result. You can see a hike in your sales within a very short span of time by using paid search marketing.

4) PPC campaigns are easy to track and measure. You can have an idea about how much money you have spent on particular keyword and what was the result in terms of sale.

5) PPC ads are good for targeting a particular geographical area. If you have a local business, then this is the best way to draw people from different areas. You can set a limit for your ad distribution and thus save money as well.


How do Google ads and Bing ads differ? The question can be answered by pros and cons of both these ad platforms. Bing Ads was introduced in the year 2009, after replacing Yahoo Search Marketing. It was purchased by Microsoft in the same year. On the other hand, Google Adwords has been around since 2002. We know how effective Adwords can be. If someone is searching for a specific product or service on Google, they are most likely to click on search results with relevant ads. This is where you try to maximize your ROI by bidding the highest amount to enable your ad at top of search page. Since it’s all about CPC (Cost per Click) model, it is always advisable to keep your ads relevant by choosing appropriate keywords.

Let’s now compare the two ad models with respect to various parameters. Firstly, let’s elaborate on some basics of each platform; Only difference lies in the fact that Google Ads are managed via Google Adwords whereas Bing Ads are managed through Bing advertising platform. You can’t manage both Google ads and Bing Ads simultaneously.

Now let’s go more into depth about these ad models; The minimum bid for both GOOGLE ADS and BING ADS is $0.05 CPC. This means, if you put a budget of $100 per month on Adwords, your ad will be shown at least 100 times. The maximum bid for Google is $2.00 CPC and it varies according to ad rank of competitor’s ads as well as quality score of yours. The minimum budget on Bing Ads is $10 per month, which shows you how competitive this platform really is.


The world today is filled with different kinds of businesses all over the world, each competing to get its piece of the pie. This struggle for survival has led to business engaging in diverse strategies that would help them come out on top. One of these strategies are video ads. Although it may be true that customers can find other ways to learn about your company rather than watching a video, it will be difficult to find another advertising strategy that has the power to grab one’s attention like video ads. Product promotion videos are quickly becoming popular in business marketing for this reason. What makes them even more effective is the fact that these videos can be featured on social media where millions of users spend their time to keep themselves updated about their interests. In this sense, video ads are a powerful tool that can be utilized to gain the attention of potential clients and show them what your business or organization has to offer.

Although television commercials have been popular for many years, these videos will likely take a back seat as social media continues to gain more ground. Social media is the perfect platform for business promotion because it allows users to view videos with ease. They can play them directly on their news feeds or save them on their devices so they can watch them at any time without having to go online each time.


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