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The Educated Investor’s YouTube campaign was crafted to enhance digital presence and audience engagement on the video platform. Conducted from December 21, 2023, to present, this responsive video ad campaign was designed to educate and engage potential investors.

Performance Metrics:

  • Impressions: The campaign garnered a remarkable 153K impressions, indicating the high reach of the ads among YouTube viewers.
  • Views: A total of 30.2K views were achieved, demonstrating a substantial level of audience interest and interaction with the video content.
  • Average Cost-Per-View (Avg. CPV): With an Avg. CPV of $0.01, the campaign executed a highly cost-effective strategy in capturing viewer attention.
  • View Rate: The ads maintained a solid view rate of 19.75%, which is indicative of the relevance and appeal of the video content to the target audience.

Strategic Execution: The campaign targeted users with an interest in financial education, leveraging The Educated Investor’s expertise to provide valuable insights. The responsive video ad format allowed for flexibility and optimization across different viewer devices, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the campaign.

Budget and Efficiency: Aiming for a target CPV of $0.07, the campaign outperformed expectations by maintaining a significantly lower Avg. CPV, thus maximizing the return on ad spend.

Project Deliveries

The Educated Investor’s YouTube campaign concluded with impressive results that reflect strong brand resonance and viewer retention. The performance suggests successful content strategy and audience targeting, vital for building a community of informed investors.

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