OLA Electric

Ola electric


The Google Ads campaign for the Ola Electric franchisee was a strategic effort aimed at driving calls and enquiries. The campaign was strategically used Google call ads and made a good ROI. They also ran a search and YouTube campaign along with The calls campaign to expand their reach and conversions

Key Performance Metrics:

  • Clicks: The campaign successfully generated 1.7K clicks, indicating a strong user interest and engagement with the ads.
  • Impressions: There were 11.9K impressions, which shows the high visibility of the ads to our target audience.
  • Average Cost-Per-Click (Avg. CPC): At an average CPC of ₹5.20, the campaign maintained cost-efficiency while reaching potential customers.
  • Total Cost: The campaign investment was ₹38.81K, reflective of a focused and optimized spend over the campaign duration.
  • Peak Performance: Notably, the 3rd quarter of 2023 showed a significant spike in user engagement, suggesting a successful optimization of ad targeting or a peak in consumer interest during that period.

Project Deliveries

The campaign’s performance metrics indicate a positive reception of the Ola Electric brand in the digital space, translating to a solid return on investment (ROI) in terms of brand engagement and leads. The franchisee can confidently leverage these insights for future marketing initiatives.

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