artcon associates


The Artcon Associate website build was a complex project. As an innovative construction firm seeking to break new ground in the industry, they required a cutting-edge website for online presence to match their ambitions.

Our team took on the herculean task of capturing their vision and brand aesthetic within the digital realm. Through zigs and zags, brainstorms and wireframes, we brought to life a website that sparkles with ingenuity. Dynamic elements dance across the pages, beckoning visitors into a labyrinth of projects, services, company history and more as we threaded a story about Artcon’s unique approach.

Project Deliveries

  1. Custom designed templates across 12 pages
  2. Project images, graphics, icons and illustrations
  3. Copywriting for all sections
  4. Web content organization and call-to-action strategy
  5. QA testing across devices/browsers
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